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  • Knitted Mesh

    Material available:

    Stainless steel wire copper wire, nickel wire Galvanized iron wire phosphor bronze wire polyamide fiber F46 fiber polyester fiber metal wire and mixed fiber

    Mesh diameter

    Mesh is normally knit form wires ranging in diameter from to These wires can be round or flat such as those used in cleaning and air-filtration applications ,large surface areas of wire are needed , wire diameter is perhaps the most important design variable .it directly affects flow ,dirt holding capacity, pressure drop and cost ,in general ,larger diameter wire allows for higher flow but provides lower dirt holding capacity, also larger diameter wire is less expensive .therefore , a balance must be struck between using a higher density filter f higher cost fine wire or lesser density filter using lower cost heavy wire .


    Density refers to the mass of material per unit volume, it is related to the density of the original mesh and the amount of forming pressure used to compress the mesh into its final form. Determining the required mesh density to produce the specified final product density is a critical step in the design process .proper density ensures optimal performance of the sealing .gasketing, filtration, heat transfer and separation applications.

    Woven method: link weaving

    Introduction: it is a wire fabric made by a circular knitted process which produces a sleeve of continuous stocking of inter-linked wire loops, the loops can move relative to each other in the same plane without distortion.

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